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Terms of Service

The term MRG refers to Macross RPG Galaxies, a non-profit online roleplay game site based on the Japanese Anime Macross.

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The MRG respects the creative rights of members, however the following rules apply. (Player character information is considered to be the property of the player. Plot, storyline or statistical data is the property of its creator. Please refer to the Game/Campaign pages for details of game and campaign owners.) By registering an account with the MRG, you agree to the following regarding material created by you as a member, such as, (but not limited to,) player character information, plot storylines, or statistical data that is used on the MRG, while you are a member.

1) All character posts are the respective copyright of their owners, but you agree to permit the MRG the right to retain those posts on its boards, even if you choose to later leave the MRG.

2) If you as a player or GM choose to leave and retract permission for your material to be continued in use, you agree to allow a 2 to 4 week phase out period after notice of your leaving is given. You also agree that all posts made up to the end of the phase out date agreed with the GM staff will be retained on the MRG's gaming boards, as per point number 1.

3) If you leave the MRG without warning, you agree that after 2 months of your last post, that you forfeit all rights to your material posted on or for the MRG, and also agree that the MRG may continue to use it as it see's fit thereafter.

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