Macross RPG Galaxies

Macross RPG Galaxies Rules

Posting - language, spelling, grammar

All posts on the MRG's boards are to be in English, (English, US English, Canadian English, Australian or New Zealand English, all perfectly acceptable,) and presented in a clear and concise manner with good spelling and grammar so that they may be clearly and easily understood. Common abbreviations are acceptable, but not 'leet' speak. Also if you use slang terminology, please remember that slang that you know may not be known in other area's of your own country, or in other countries.

Sexual content posts

Any roleplaying of a romantic or sexual nature is not to include any form of sexually explicit terminology. Sexually explicit words and terms, should in all cases be replaced with non-explicit words that are more poetically descriptive. Think romance novels, and not Hustler or Playboy. Always check with your GM first as to whether they permit sexual content posting in their game. We set a minimum age limit for this type of posting at 18.


Discimination of any kind, be it gender, age, skin colour, religious belief, or any other type will not be accepted. Anyone found to be disciminating against another member or posting in a manner that is deemed to be in breach of the anti-discimination policy will have their account terminated.

Player responsibilities

All players are required to post to the frequency set by the GM of their particular game. If they are unable to post for some reason, they are to inform their GM or another member who is able to pass on a message at the first available opportunity. Failure to do so may result in the players character being removed from play.

GM Responsibilities

Game and Campaign GM's are required to act in a fair and responsible manner at all times. When partaking in GM Council votes they are reminded that they are the chosen representative of their players and should act accordingly. Like players, GM's who are unable to fulfill their duties are required to inform another staff member as soon as possible so cover can be provided for their game.

Disciplinary procedures and potential results

Player disciplinary procedures will be conducted by the GM of the game. A GM that feels that a player offence warrants that the player be banned from their game or campaign is fully entitled to do, but may not ban them from the MRG. Only the GM Council may determine whether someone is banned from the MRG. GM's are reminded however to give the benefit of the doubt, and fit the punishment to the crime.


Any and all advertising on the MRG must be approved by the site admins. Any unauthorised advertising will be removed immediately, as per the conditions of the Terms of Service.


As per the conditions of the Terms of Service, any spam will be removed and the offender will be reported to their ISP.

Avatar image sizes

All linked avatar images are to be no larger than 100 pixels x 100 pixels. Larger images may be removed.

Character/Campaign/game transfers

If you wish to transfer a character, game, or campaign to the MRG, please ensure that you have advise us that you are doing this, and also advise your former hoster that you are moving your character to the MRG.