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The Macross RPG Galaxies (MRG) is a free-to-play online roleplay site, providing Gaming Boards and resources for roleplay games based upon the Japanese anime Macross. It is currently home of the following games:

Currently no games are active and this site is serving in archive mode, but a new campaign is in the works so stay tuned! (2019/01/20 - Zed Cassel)

The New Unified Space Forces Side
Representing the NUNS side of the M45-3 Conflict. Flying the VF-171. Backed up by the might of the entire New Unified Forces... right? No... seriously? ... our back up is a bunch of pirate thugs?

Lady Godiva - A S.M.S Franchise
The S.M.S continues to operate through out the known Galaxy. In Sector M15-3 the Privateer Force Lady Godiva has become a Franchise of S.M.S. Player Characters take the role of being Lady Godiva's first VF-25 Messiah unit since joining with the S.M.S.

Factory Satellite Brutus City 15 Replica (Free RP zone)
This board is open to all characters and Squadron GM's as a FREE PLAY ZONE for character development and "off duty" role-play.

Macross: First Contact War
Almost a decade after the destruction of the Battle 7, the Macross 7 Emigrant Fleet has colonized the world of New Hope. Years from Earth, they begin taming the new frontier, unaware that a new threat is looming just beyond the horizon...


An Exposition
A story of politics and rebellions set on the planet of Kamerfaerum. The players are nobles or vassals of nobles, aiming to place one of themselves as the ruler of the planet.